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Support Agro-Weather, Market, and Advisory Services

This component  aims at enhancing access to quality climate/agro-weather, advisory and market information services among farmers/herders for improved decision-making. It is implemented through three sub-components.

Improving  Agro-meteorological Forecasting and Monitoring:- This sub-component is supporting strengthening of agro-weather and climate information services, capacity building for agro-weather observation and forecasting and development of ability to operate and maintain agro-weather and market information services in order to help farmer/pastoralists decide on what, when, where and how to embark on their farm activities.

Developing Integrated Weather and Market Information System:- This sub-component is supporting the  development of analytical data  (‘big data’) for  strengthening market information systems and delivery of integrated weather and market advisory services using ICT as well as existing agricultural extension networks.

Building Technical and Institutional Capacity:- This sub-component is supporting institutional and technical capacity building of national and eligible county governments. Relevant autonomous agencies (KMD, KALRO), as well as  Agricultural Statistics Unit and Agricultural Insurance Units in the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Fisheries and Cooperatives will be  beneficiaries.