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Contingency Emergency Response

The component will support natural or man-made crises or disasters  severe economic shocks such as droughts, floods, disease out break, land slides under the Immediate Response Mechanism.

The component was triggered and support extended to the Emergency Locust Response Project (ELRP) whose Development Objective is to respond to the threat posed by the desert locust outbreak and strengthen national systems for preparedness.

The project has four components: 1) Surveillance and Control; 2) Food and Safety and Livelihood Restoration 3) Early Warning and Preparedness; and 4) Project Management.

KCSAP, through CERC, extended support of KES 12.5 Million to support implementation of component 1.

  1. Annex IV Security Management Plan Clean
  2. Annex V Labour Management Procedures Clean
  3. Final ELRP ESHS Monitoring ToR Clean
  4. Final ELRP_IPMP_C1 _Clean
  5. Final ESMF_ELRP_C1_Clean